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Determining Your Financial Need

We consider multiple factors in determining your financial aid at Rice University. The income and assets of both you and your family, your parents' ages, and your state of residence contribute to our calculation. Federal and institutional financial need formulas are used to calculate your expected family contribution (EFC).

Rice will not award loans to students whose family total income is below $80,000. The student's financial need will be met through a combination of grants, work study, merit aid (if qualified) and institutional funds.  

For families with incomes above $80,000, Rice will award a $2,500 subsidized loan, grants, work study, merit aid (if qualified) and institutional funds to cover 100% of the student's demonstrated institutional need.  

We encourage our families to use our Rice Net Price Calculator (NPC) to view an estimate of the need based package eligibility. Financial aid awards are not final until all application requirements have been completed and verified by our office.