The Rice Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rice Investment FAQs:

Is there a separate application for The Rice Investment?

No, there is not a separate application. To be considered for The Rice Investment, students must complete the standard financial aid application requirements for need-based aid.

Will I be eligible for The Rice Investment all four years?

Students must complete the Rice financial aid application each year to be considered for need-based aid. Families demonstrating need within the outlined income ranges will continue to qualify for The Rice Investment.

Can I qualify for more aid beyond The Rice Investment?

Yes. Families may qualify for additional aid beyond The Rice Investment if they have further demonstrated need.

I noticed the “ typical assets Families with significant assets atypical for their income level may not qualify for The Rice Investment. Assets include but are not limited to cash and savings, investments, home equity, business worth, farm worth, and other real estate equity. ” notation on the Rice Investment website. What exactly does that mean?

Families with significant assets above what is typical for their income level may not qualify for The Rice Investment, but Rice is still committed to funding 100% of demonstrated need. A family’s assets might include cash and savings, investments, home equity, business net worth, other real estate and any other assets. We exclude qualifying retirement accounts.

Are international students eligible for The Rice Investment?

While prospective international students are not eligible for The Rice Investment, they can apply for need-based financial aid by following the instructions in the Applying for Aid section.

Are federal and state grants included in The Rice Investment?

Yes. The Rice Investment may be met through a combination of federal, state and institutional grant aid.

Are graduate students eligible for the Rice Investment?

No. Graduate students are eligible for certain stipends, fellowships or other gift aid by their school. For additional information, visit the graduate student financial aid page.

If I do not meet the qualifications for The Rice Investment, will I still be considered for any need-based aid?

Yes. We remain dedicated to meeting 100% of demonstrated need. Families with significant assets or income above the outlined thresholds of The Rice Investment may still qualify for need-based aid. To be considered, follow the instructions in the Applying for Aid section.

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