Summer Students

Undergraduate degree-seeking students may be eligible to receive an institutional need-based grant, federal Pell Grant or request student/parent loans for the summer. Graduate degree-seeking students may be eligible to request student loans.

Current Undergraduate Students

Degree-seeking Rice undergraduates who received need-based aid during the academic year are eligible to receive institutional need-based aid equivalent to 50% of summer tuition. The institutional aid is limited to nine credit hours of Rice summer coursework during their time as a Rice undergraduate student. This aid is only available for Rice online, in-person or “Rice in country” coursework and for participants in other Rice faculty-led overseas programs offered for Rice credit during the summer. It is not available for non-Rice summer programs.

For Summer 2020, the institutional need-based grant is also available to Rice undergraduates whose degrees were conferred May 2020. The Summer Rice Grant may be received toward up to 9 credit hours in Summer 2020. However, the institutional need-based aid received for Summer 2020 will not be counted toward continuing undergraduate students' 9-hour lifetime limit.

Federal aid from the Pell Grant, federal direct loans and private loans remain available to eligible degree-seeking students that have not reached the annual or lifetime limits. Students must be enrolled at least half time in for-credit hour courses at Rice University to be eligible for these funds.

Grant eligibility is determined after the student has enrolled in summer courses. A form is not required to request a grant. If you have questions regarding summer grant eligibility, email

Early Freshmen & Transfer Matriculants

Freshmen or transfer students who would like to take a summer course at Rice will be eligible for the discounted Rice-student tuition rate. In addition, students who qualify for need-based financial aid for the upcoming academic year will also be eligible to receive institutional need-based aid equivalent to 50% of summer tuition. Pell grant recipients may be eligible to use their federal aid toward the summer course, but must complete the 2019–2020 FAFSA.


Eligibility of your federal loans may be limited based on annual loan limits and enrollment. Undergraduates must be enrolled in at least six credit hours and graduates at least 4.5 credit hours to be eligible for federal loans. To verify your eligibility, please consult with your financial aid counselor. You may also choose to take out private loans, in which case you may select your lender and apply directly with the institution.

Use the Summer Loan Request Form to request a summer loan. In addition, students requesting a federal loan must have a 2019-2020 FAFSA on file and for private loans, an approved loan certification from your chosen lender.

Changes in Enrollment:

Changes to your enrollment during the summer sessions must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. If funds have been released to your account and you will be withdrawing from the summer term, you must notify our office immediately. In addition, our office allows loan funds to be cancelled by request within 14 days of the loan disbursement date. To submit your request, you may email

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees for 2020 Summer Sessions:

  • Continuing Undergraduates: $250 per credit hour
  • Undergraduate Research: $250 per credit hour (no charge first 3 hours)
  • Domestic Internships: $250 per credit hour (no charge first 3 hours)

Graduate Tuition and Fees for 2020 Summer Sessions:

  • Continuing Graduates: $250 per credit hour
  • Graduate Research: No Charge

*Early Fall matriculates enrolled for Summer are also billed a Health & Wellness Support Fee of $155. Some courses may have additional charges associated with them. Additional information on tuition and fees is available on the Cashier's Summer Sessions webpage.

Loan Limits for Summer Sessions:

  • Summer I (15 Weeks): Tuition plus $4,500 expense allowance
  • Summer B1 (7 Weeks): Tuition plus $2,000
  • Summer B2 (7 Weeks): Tuition plus $2,000
  • Summer C1 (6 Weeks): Tuition plus $2,000
  • Summer C2 (6 Weeks): Tuition plus $2,000
  • Summer D1 (10 Weeks): Tuition plus $4,500
  • Summer E1 (7 Weeks): Tuition costs plus $2,000
  • Enrolled in Multiple Summer Sessions: Tuition cost plus $4,500 expense allowance
  • Full Summer Research Courses/Graduate Research: Tuition costs plus $4,500 expense allowance

Summer Study Abroad Programs:

Rice Study Abroad programs, faculty-led programs, CLIC in-country programs, and the travel components of other academic programs (such as those run by the Center for Civic Leadership) are canceled for Summer 2020. Rice is also not permitting student participation in third-party provider study abroad programs. Thus, financial aid is not available for summer 2020 study abroad.

*Undergraduate students who are not study abroad students may not borrow more than $2,000 total above tuition costs for the summer sessions and must be enrolled in at least six hours.

**Undergraduate students receiving a merit award who applied for need-based aid may qualify for summer assistance. Please contact our office to determine whether or not you qualify.

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid through Rice University.

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